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Technology Insight: water diffusion MRI—a potential new biomarker of response to cancer therapy
Diffusion-weighted MRI (DW-MRI) is a functional imaging technique that displays information about the extent and direction of random water motion in tissues. Water movement in tissues is modified byExpand
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Australian Axiidae (Crustacea: Decapoda: Axiidea)
Poore, G.C.B. and Collins, D.J. 2009. Australian Axiidae (Crustacea: Decapoda: Axiidea). Memoirs of Museum Victoria 66: 221–287. Three new genera and nine new species of Axiidae are described fromExpand
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Two-dimensional single-cell patterning with one cell per well driven by surface acoustic waves
In single-cell analysis, cellular activity and parameters are assayed on an individual, rather than population-average basis. Essential to observing the activity of these cells over time is theExpand
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The ability of silicon micromachining to produce small, precision, movable parts provides an opportunity for MEMS component use in optical communications networks [1,2]. To address this potentialExpand
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X-ray observations of SU UMa throughout six outbursts
We present RXTE observations covering six normal outbursts of the dwarf nova SU UMa, the prototype of its class. The outbursts showed consistent X-ray behaviour with the X-ray count rate droppingExpand
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Hydrogen storage in metal–organic frameworks
For any potential hydrogen-storage system, raw uptake capacity must be balanced with the kinetics and thermodynamics of uptake and release. Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) provide unique systems withExpand
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A comparison of in vivo and in vitro 31P NMR spectra from human breast tumours: variations in phospholipid metabolism.
An in vivo 31P NMR spectrum was obtained from each of four human breast tumours. The phosphomonoester and phosphodiester region of each spectrum consisted of a broad peak. Chemical extracts fromExpand
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A monitor wafer based controller for semiconductor processes
A monitor wafer based controller is described. The controller can be applied to equipment with or without in-situ sensors. The controller incorporates a novel multivariable adaptation methodology forExpand
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LIDAR and acoustics applications to ocean productivity
The requirements for the submersible, the instrumentation necessary to perform these measurements, and the optical and acoustical technology required to develop the ocean color scannerExpand
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New records of the shrimp genus Lissosabinea (Caridea: Crangonidae) from Australia including descriptions of three new species and a key to world species
Taylor, J. & Collins, D.J. 2009. New records of the shrimp genus Lissosabinea (Caridea: Crangonidae) from Australia including descriptions of three new species and a key to world species. Memoirs ofExpand
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