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Recent Progress In The Measurement Of Temperature And Salinity By Optical Scattering
Recent progress is described in the use of Brillouin and Raman scattering for the measurement of temperature and salinity in the ocean. The use of Brillouin scattering is described for theExpand
An Experimental Investigation of Turbulent Transonic Viscous-Inviscid Interactions
Experimental details are presented of the turbulent transonic separated flow generated on the rear portion of a two-dimensional circular-arc model mounted on the floor of a transonic duct (M, ^ 0.7).Expand
Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Base Mass Addition on the Near Wake of a Slender Body
The near wake of a two-dimensional wedge was studied at Mach 4. Static pressure, Pitot pressure, total temperature, injectant concentration and hot-wire fluctuations were measured. Helium, argon, andExpand
The role of reabsorption in the spectral distribution of phytoplankton fluorescence emission
A theoretical model has been developed to describe an experimentally observed spectral shift in the fluorescence emission from phytoplankton as a result of the internal reabsorption of that emission.Expand
The Interaction Of Light With Phytoplankton In The Marine Environment
In many regions of the ocean, the phytoplankton population dominates both the attenuation and scattering of light. In other regions, non-phytoplankton contributions to the absorption and scatteringExpand
The EOSDIS Version 0 Distributed Active Archive Center for physical oceanography and air-sea interaction
The Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory will support scientists specializing in physical oceanography and air-sea interaction. As part of the NASA EarthExpand
A Model For The Use Of Satellite Remote Sensing For The Measurement Of Primary Production In The Ocean
The estimation of oceanic primary production on a global scale is the focus of efforts in remote sensing using the Coastal Zone Color Scanner (CZCS). The goal of this research is to provide a measureExpand
LIDAR and acoustics applications to ocean productivity
The requirements for the submersible, the instrumentation necessary to perform these measurements, and the optical and acoustical technology required to develop the ocean color scannerExpand
The Remote Sensing Of Oceanic Primary Productivity - A Review
  • D. Collins
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  • 6 October 1989
Global concerns over the atmospheric increase in carbon dioxide have lead to the study of the sources and sinks responsible for regulating that increase, and to the conclusion that the ocean is aExpand