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Measurement Validity: A Shared Standard for Qualitative and Quantitative Research
Scholars routinely make claims that presuppose the validity of the observations and measurements that operationalize their concepts. Yet, despite recent advances in political science methods,Expand
Understanding Process Tracing
  • D. Collier
  • Sociology
  • PS: Political Science & Politics
  • 1 June 2011
Abstract Process tracing is a fundamental tool of qualitative analysis. This method is often invoked by scholars who carry out within-case analysis based on qualitative data, yet frequently it isExpand
Research Note: Democracy with Adjectives: Conceptual Innovation in Comparative Research
The recent trend toward democratization in countries across the globe has challenged scholars to pursue two potentially contradictory goals. On the one hand, they seek to increase analyticExpand
The Comparative Method
Comparison is a fundamental tool of analysis. It sharpens our powers of description, and plays a central role in concept-formation by bringing into focus suggestive similarities and contrasts amongExpand
Prerequisites Versus Diffusion: Testing Alternative Explanations of Social Security Adoption
Social security is one of the most important means by which modern nations protect the welfare of their citizens. The first appearance of social security represents a particularly important policyExpand
The Oxford Handbook of Political Methodology
Political methodology has changed dramatically over the past thirty years, and many new methods and techniques have been developed. Both the Political Methodology Society and theExpand
DEMOCRACY AND DICHOTOMIES: A Pragmatic Approach to Choices about Concepts
▪ Abstract Prominent scholars engaged in comparative research on democratic regimes are in sharp disagreement over the choice between a dichotomous or graded approach to the distinction betweenExpand
Shaping the Political Arena: Critical Junctures, the Labor Movement, and Regime Dynamics in Latin America
This book is a disciplined, paired comparison of the eight Latin American countries with the longest history of urban commercial and industrial development - Brazil and Chile, Mexico and Venezuela,Expand
Essentially contested concepts: Debates and applications
Conceptual confusion has long been a source of difficulty in the study of politics. W. B. Gallie's analysis of ‘essentially contested concepts’, published in 1956, stands as a notable effort toExpand