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Generational transfers and the generational bargain
The paper suggests that the framework of a generational bargain is a potentially useful one for looking at important aspects of economic and social policies for both rich and poor countries. The
The Tax Compliance Costs for Employers of PAYE and National Insurance in 1995-96
The present volume draws heavily on the detailed research material contained in the following appendices, published as Volume 2 of the report. Appendix A1 Stage 2 Postal Questionnaire Report: a
Compliance Costs for Employers: UK PAYE and National Insurance, 1995-96
Calculations of the compliance costs for employers of PAYE and National Insurance in 1995-96 are presented and the main determinants of compliance costs, for an employer, are analysed using weighted least-squares regression analysis.
Pigou and future generations: a Cambridge tradition
In The Economics of Welfare and elsewhere, A. C. Pigou took the view that future people should be treated equally with present people. He stressed our defective telescopic faculty, mortality, and
The generational bargain
This paper builds on the notion of a bargain or contract across the generations. It argues that the idea of a generational bargain is helpful when thinking about a range of problems in economic and
Research on Well-Being
Jeremy Bentham provided a comprehensive list of the sources of pleasure and pain, rather in the manner of modern researchers into human well-being. He explicitly used the term well-being and made
Altruism and economy
A. C. Pigou, 1877–1959
Those of us who went up to Cambridge in the late 1950s remember Pigou as an eccentrically clad, unapproachable figure sitting in a deck chair on the grass of the front court of King’s. At that time