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Lorentz-Violating Extension of the Standard Model
In the context of conventional quantum field theory, we present a general Lorentz-violating extension of the minimalExpand
$CPT$ violation and the standard model
Spontaneous CPT breaking arising in string theory has been suggested as a possible observable experimental signature in neutral-meson systems. We provide a theoretical framework for the treatment ofExpand
Cross sections and lorentz violation
Abstract The derivation of cross sections and decay rates in the Lorentz-violating Standard Model extension is discussed. General features of the physics are described, and some conceptual andExpand
Vector Superfields and Lorentz Violation
We extend Lorentz-violating supersymmetry models to include vector superfields. The CPT-preserving model generalizes easily, while the obvious attempt at generalizing the CPT-violating model meetsExpand
Classical Lagrangians for momentum dependent Lorentz violation
Certain momentum-dependent terms in the fermion sector of the Lorentz-violating Standard Model Extension (SME) yield solvable classical lagrangians of a type not mentioned in the literature. TheseExpand
Scattering cross-sections and Lorentz violation
To date, a significant effort has been made to adddress the Lorentz violating standard model in low-energy systems, but little is known about the ramifications for high-energy cross sections. In thisExpand
Comparison Results, Exit Time Moments, and Eigenvalues on Riemannian Manifolds with a Lower Ricci Curvature Bound
We study the relationship between the geometry of smoothly bounded domains in complete Riemannian manifolds and the associated sequence of $$L^1$$L1-norms of exit time moments for Brownian motion. WeExpand
Possible spontaneous breaking of lorentz and CPT symmetry
One possible ramification of unified theories of nature such as string theory that may underlie the conventional standard model is the possible spontaneous breakdown of Lorentz and CPT symmetry. InExpand
CPT violation and baryogenesis
We examine the effects on baryogenesis of spontaneous CPT violation in a string-based scenario. Under suitable circumstances, certain CPT-violating terms can produce a large baryon asymmetry at theExpand
Redefining Spinors in Lorentz-Violating QED
An analysis of spinor redefinitions in the context of the Lorentz-violating QED extension is performed. Certain parameters that apparently violate Lorentz invariance are found to be physicallyExpand