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Adaptation and conservation insights from the koala genome
The koala, the only extant species of the marsupial family Phascolarctidae, is classified as ‘vulnerable’ due to habitat loss and widespread disease. We sequenced the koala genome, producing aExpand
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Phylogenetic relationships among superfamilies of Neritimorpha (Mollusca: Gastropoda).
Despite the extraordinary morphological and ecological diversity of Neritimorpha, few studies have focused on the phylogenetic relationships of this lineage of gastropods, which includes four extantExpand
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Marsupial MHC class II beta genes are not orthologous to the eutherian beta gene families.
The major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II DRB, DQB, DPB, and DOB gene clusters are shared by different eutherian orders. Such an orthologous relationship is not seen between the beta genesExpand
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Electrophoretic studies of the systematic and biogeographic relationships of the Fijian bat genera Pteropus, Pteralopex, Chaerephon and Notopteris.
Allozyme variation at 24 - 29 presumptive loci was used to examine the systematic relationships between Fijian bats and those from neighbouring areas such as Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia,Expand
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Megachiropteran Evolution Studied with 12S rDNA and c-mos DNA Sequences
Recent studies of mitochondrial DNA sequences have indicated the requirement for substantial revisions of the morphological understanding of the phylogeny of Megachiroptera (Pteropodidae). There isExpand
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The genomics of habitat transitions in molluscs