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Narrative Inquiry: Experience and Story in Qualitative Research
'The literature on narrative inquiry has been, until now, widely scattered and theoretically incomplete. Clandinin and Connelly have created a major tour de force. This book is lucid, fluid,
Stories of Experience and Narrative Inquiry
Although narrative inquiry has a long intellectual history both in and out of education, it is increasingly used in studies of educational experience. One theory in educational research holds that
Engaging in Narrative Inquiry
Narrative inquiry examines human lives through the lens of a narrative, honouring lived experience as a source of important knowledge and understanding. In this concise volume, D. Jean Clandinin, one
Narrative Inquiry: A Methodology for Studying Lived Experience
The paper briefly outlines the history and development of the methodology of narrative inquiry. It draws attention to the need for careful delineation of terms and assumptions. A Deweyan view of
Teachers' Professional Knowledge Landscapes
This text provides a look at the multilayered professional lives of teachers, where moral, historical, personal and epistemological worlds merge. Using the language of the metaphor, the authors
Shaping a Professional Identity: Stories of Educational Practice
This volume extends the authors' work on personal practical knowledge as the way through which teachers hone their craft - Teachers' Professional Knowledge Landscapes. They examine the question of
Handbook of narrative inquiry : mapping a methodology
International Advisory Board Members Preface Acknowledgments PART I - Situating Narrative Inquiry - D. Jean Clandinin CHAPTER 1 - Locating narrative inquiry historically: Thematics in the turn to