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Resolving power of pixel detector Timepix for wide-range electron, proton and ion detection
Abstract The resolving power of the Timepix detector for wide-range charged particle detection has been examined and evaluated in defined radiation fields. The goal is to broadly characterizeExpand
Twenty Years of Microtron Laboratory Activities at CTU in Prague
I for medical diagnostic purposes), et cetera. Participation of the microtron laboratory in the education of students of the faculty in various fields of applied dosimetry and other microtronExpand
Modified glycogen as construction material for functional biomimetic microfibers.
We describe a conceptually new, microfibrous, biodegradable functional material prepared from a modified storage polysaccharide also present in humans (glycogen) showing strong potential asExpand
Nitrogen assay in winter wheat by short-time instrumental photon activation analysis and its comparison with the Kjeldahl method
The nitrogen content in winter wheat from various crops grown organically or conventionally was determined by instrumental photon activation analysis. The method utilizes measurement of theExpand
Directional detection of charged particles and cosmic rays with the miniaturized radiation camera MiniPIX Timepix
Abstract We evaluate and characterize the directional response of the semiconductor pixel detector Timepix to charged particles and secondary cosmic rays. The detector granularity and per-pixelExpand
Energy loss and online directional track visualization of fast electrons with the pixel detector Timepix
Abstract The spectral-, position- and tracking-response of Timepix to energetic electrons has been tested and characterized with well-defined low-intensity parallel beams of monoenergetic electronsExpand
Nondestructive assay of fluorine in geological and other materials by instrumental photon activation analysis with a microtron
Abstract Reliable determination of low concentrations of fluorine in geological and coal samples is difficult. It usually requires tedious decomposition and dissolution of the sample followed byExpand
Toward structured macroporous hydrogel composites: electron beam-initiated polymerization of layered cryogels.
A technique for the modification of the pore size and stiffness of acrylamide-based cryogels is demonstrated via the regulation of an electron beam irradiation dose and may be the key to the future preparation of complex hydrogel-based scaffolds to mimic the extracellular microenvironment in a wide range of applications. Expand
Innovations at the MT 25 microtron aimed at applications in photon activation analysis
Microtron MT 25 is an effective source of high energy photon radiation in photon activation analysis (PAA). Recent modernization of MT 25 was aimed at upgrading its parameters such as the meanExpand
Diamond nano-optode for fluorescent measurements of pH and temperature.
Nano-optodes with a diamond core coated with a double stimuli-responsive polymeric shell reversibly respond to pH and temperature changes. Swelling and collapsing of the shell are accompanied byExpand