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Optical solitons in PT periodic potentials
We investigate the effect of nonlinearity in novel parity-time (PT) symmetric potentials. We show that new types of nonlinear self-trapped modes can exist in optical PT synthetic lattices.
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Conical diffraction and gap solitons in honeycomb photonic lattices
We predict and present the first observation of conical diffraction arising from k-space singularities in the band-structure of a periodic potential. The experiments are carried out in honeycombExpand
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Discrete vector solitons in Kerr nonlinear waveguide arrays
We report the first experimental observation of vector discrete solitons. We find that at appropriate power levels two orthogonally polarized beams collapse into a highly confined vector discreteExpand
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Observation of asymmetric transport in structures with active nonlinearities.
A mechanism for asymmetric transport which is based on parity-time-symmetric nonlinearities is presented. We show that in contrast to the case of conservative nonlinearities, an increase of theExpand
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Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen spatial entanglement in ordered and anderson photonic lattices.
We demonstrate quantum walks of a photon pair in a spatially extended Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen state coupled into an on-chip multiport photonic lattice. By varying the degree of entanglement weExpand
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Hanbury Brown and Twiss correlations of Anderson localized waves
When light waves propagate through disordered photonic lattices, they can eventually become localized due to multiple scattering effects. Here we show experimentally that while the evolution andExpand
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Observation of accelerating Airy beam ballistics
We demonstrate experimentally that Airy beams can perform ballistic dynamics in a way totally analogous to that of projectiles moving under the action of gravity. The possibility of circumventingExpand
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Incoherent blocker soliton interactions in Kerr waveguide arrays
We have observed the incoherent interaction between a highly confined soliton and a wide, moving beam of different wavelength in an AlGaAs waveguide array. Digital switching of the blocker solitonsExpand
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Sensing with Exceptional Surfaces in Order to Combine Sensitivity with Robustness.
Exceptional points (EPs) are singularities that arise in non-Hermitian physics. Current research efforts focus only on systems supporting isolated EPs characterized by increased sensitivity toExpand
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Accelerated nonlinear interactions in graded-index multimode fibers
Multimode optical fibers have recently reemerged as a viable platform for addressing a number of long-standing issues associated with information bandwidth requirements and power-handlingExpand
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