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Epistemology of Disagreement: The Good News
We all live out our lives in states of epistemic imperfection. Most obviously, this is true because the evidence on which we base our beliefs is limited. Only a little less obviously, we live inExpand
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Disagreement as Evidence: The Epistemology of Controversy
How much should your confidence in your beliefs be shaken when you learn that others – perhaps ‘epistemic peers’ who seem as well-qualified as you are – hold beliefs contrary to yours? This articleExpand
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Putting Logic in its Place
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Putting logic in its place - formal constraints on rational belief
I. Logic and Rational Belief II. Two Models of Belief III. Deductive Constraints: Problem Cases, Possible Solutions IV. Arguments for Deductive Cogency V. Logic, Graded Belief, and Preferences VI.Expand
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Higher-Order Evidence
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Clever Bookies and Coherent Beliefs
Since the 1930s, "Dutch Book" arguments have been used to support the view that one's degrees of belief should conform to the probability calculus. These arguments show that if an agent's degrees ofExpand
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Disagreement, Question-Begging, and Epistemic Self-Criticism
© 2011 David Christensen S ubtleties aside, a look at the topography of the disagreement debate reveals a major divide separating positions that are generally hospitable to maintaining one’sExpand
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Bayes or Bust? A Critical Examination of Bayesian Confirmation Theory
Bayes' Bayesianism the machinery of modern Bayesianism success stories challenges met the problem of old evidence the rationality and objectivity of scientific inference a plea for eliminativeExpand
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RATIONAL REFLECTION1: Rational Reflection
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