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A new index of coordination for the crawl: description and usefulness.
This study analyzes stroke phases and arm and leg coordination during front crawl swimming as a function of swim velocity and performance level. Forty-three swimmers constituted three groups based onExpand
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The Homeostatic Regulation of Sleep Need Is under Genetic Control
Delta power, a measure of EEG activity in the 1–4 Hz range, in slow-wave sleep (SWS) is in a quantitative and predictive relationship with prior wakefulness. Thus, sleep loss evokes a proportionalExpand
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Effect of swimming velocity on arm coordination in the front crawl: a dynamic analysis
We examined the preferred mode of arm coordination in 14 elite male front-crawl swimmers. Each swimmer performed eight successive swim trials in which target velocity increased from the swimmer'sExpand
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The influence of prior cycling on biomechanical and cardiorespiratory response profiles during running in triathletes
Abstract The aim of the present study was to determine the effects of 40 km of cycling on the biomechanical and cardiorespiratory responses measured during the running segment of a classic triathlon,Expand
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Analysis of 3D kinematics concerning three different clubs in golf swing.
Although many professionals have produced books or videotapes which offer a novel approach to the game, a review of the scientific literature reports limited research evaluating the actualExpand
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Swimming constraints and arm coordination.
Following Newell's concept of constraint (1986), we sought to identify the constraints (organismic, environmental and task) on front crawl performance, focusing on arm coordination adaptations overExpand
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Kinematic changes during a 100-m front crawl: effects of performance level and gender.
PURPOSE This study analyzed kinematic changes during a 100-m front crawl to investigate the effects of performance level and gender, comparing 12 high-speed males, 8 medium-speed males, 8 low-speedExpand
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Reliability of resting and postexercise heart rate measures.
In this study, we compared the reliability of short-term resting heart rate (HR) variability (HRV) and postexercise parasympathetic reactivation (i.e., HR recovery (HRR) and HRV) indices followingExpand
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Stroking Characteristic Variations in the 100-M Freestyle for Male Swimmers of Differing Skill
The purpose of the study was to identify the stroking characteristics such as rate and length used by male swimmers of differing skill and to analyze the variations of velocity, stroke rate, andExpand
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Arm coordination symmetry and breathing effect in front crawl.
This study analysed the relationships among arm coordination symmetry, motor laterality and breathing laterality during a 100-m front crawl, as a function of expertise. Ten elite swimmers (G1), 10Expand
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