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Method and device for estimating a position using a GPS satellite signal.
  • D. Cho
  • Computer Science
  • 22 December 2003
A Study for The Parallel Processing in The Polyphase Encoder
In this paper, we proposed a polyphase encoder that consists of multiple internal encoders. Expand
Development of Data/Video Transmission System for flying vehicle
A highly reliable Video Transmission System (VTS) was developed in order to obtain both video and digital data simultaneously in the real time flight test situation of a flying vehicle. The VTSExpand
Development of HVDC XLPE cable system for VSC and LCC
  • S. Lee, Y. Kim, +5 authors I. H. Lee
  • Computer Science
  • 12th International Conference on the Properties…
  • 1 May 2018
In this paper, our development results have been described in detail for HVDC XLPE cable system for various voltage ratings; insulation material at laboratory, miniature cable for the evaluation of characteristics and finally the design of full scaled power cable system including necessary joints. Expand
Development of Tracking System for High Maneuvering Vehicle
Tracking system is developed to receive both telemetry data and video data which are transmitted by radio frequency for the flight test of high manuvering vehicle. Tracking method of tracking systemExpand
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Development of Video Transmission System for Rocket