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Enantioselective radical addition reactions to the C=N bond utilizing chiral quaternary ammonium salts of hypophosphorous acid in aqueous media.
An enantioselective addition of alkyl radicals to glyoxylate oxime ether mediated by Cinchona alkaloid derived chiral ammonium salts of hypophosphorous acid, QP and QDP, has been developed.
Gene-transferring efficiencies of novel diamino cationic lipids with varied hydrocarbon chains.
The length of the hydrophobic carbon chain was a major factor governing the gene-transferring capabilities of this series of cationic lipids, and differences in transfection efficiency may be due to differing binding affinities to DNA molecules as well as differences in the surface charge potential of the liposome-DNA complexes (lipoplexes) in the aqueous environment.
Lewis Acid-Promoted Radical Carbon-Carbon Bond Forming Reactions with N-Ethylpiperidine Hypophosphite
Construction of carbon-carbon bonds is one of the most important tasks in organic synthesis, and the well-developed radical reactions have become important synthetic tools for forming carbon-carbon
Efficient Synthesis of Epoxides from Vicinal Diols Via Cyclic Sulfates
Abstract Reaction of cyclic sulfates of vic-diols with sodium hydroxide in THF-MeOH produced the corresponding epoxides in excellent isolated yields at room temperature. Cyclic sulfates of