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Oil production by the marine microalgae Nannochloropsis sp. F&M-M24 and Tetraselmis suecica F&M-M33.
Nannochloropsis sp. F&M-M24 and Tetraselmis suecica F&M-M33 were cultivated outdoors in Green Wall Panels under nutrient deficiency to stimulate oil synthesis. Under nitrogen deprivation,Expand
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Power generation using fast pyrolysis liquids from biomass
Power production from biomass derived pyrolysis liquids has been under development for the past few years. If technically successful, it would make decentralized bio-energy production possible.Expand
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Review of US and EU initiatives toward development, demonstration, and commercialization of lignocellulosic biofuels
Advanced biofuels produced from lignocellulosic biomass offer an exciting opportunity to produce renewable liquid transportation fuels, biochemicals, and electricity from locally availableExpand
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Review of energy balance in raceway ponds for microalgae cultivation: Re-thinking a traditional system is possible
The present work addresses energy consumption in raceway ponds (RWPs). This kind of systems are today the most utilized industrial plant for outdoor algae cultivation. The problem has been addressedExpand
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Review of fuel oil quality and combustion of fast pyrolysis bio-oils from lignocellulosic biomass
Fast pyrolysis bio-oils are completely different from petroleum fuels and other bio-fuels available in the market, as regards both to their physical properties and chemical composition. When theExpand
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Review of pretreatment processes for lignocellulosic ethanol production, and development of an innovative method
Biomass pretreatment aims at separating and providing easier access to the main biomass components (cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin), eventually removing lignin, preserving the hemicellulose,Expand
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Fuel oil quality and combustion of fast pyrolysis bio-oils
Fast pyrolysis bio-oils are supposed to replace fuel oils in many stationary applications including boilers and furnaces. However, these bio-oils are completely different from petroleum fuels andExpand
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Characterization of microalga Chlorella as a fuel and its thermogravimetric behavior
Microalgae are photosynthetic microorganisms living in marine or freshwater environment. In this study, samples of Chlorella spp. and Nannochloropsis from two different origins were analysed toExpand
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Development of emulsions from biomass pyrolysis liquid and diesel and their use in engines—Part 1 : emulsion production
The current method of utilising biomass derived fast liquid (bio-crude oil or bio-oil) in a diesel engine requires three fuels and a complex start-up and shut down procedure. For more rapid andExpand
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Review and experimental study on pyrolysis and hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae for biofuel production
Advanced Biofuels steadily developed during recent year, with several highly innovative processes and technologies explored at various scales: among these, lignocellulosic ethanol and CTO (Crude TallExpand
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