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Secure kNN computation on encrypted databases
We develop a new asymmetric scalar-product-preserving encryption (ASPE) that preserves a special type of scalar product. Expand
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Maintenance of discovered association rules in large databases: an incremental updating technique
An incremental updating technique is developed for maintenance of the association rules discovered by database mining when new transaction data are added to a transaction database. Expand
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Enhancing Effectiveness of Outlier Detections for Low Density Patterns
In this paper, we introduce a connectivity-based outlier factor (COF) scheme that improves the effectiveness of an existing local outlier factors (LOF) scheme when a pattern itself has similar neighbourhood density as an outlier. Expand
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A fast distributed algorithm for mining association rules
We propose a fast distributed mining algorithm, FDM, which generates a small number of candidate sets and substantially reduces the number of messages to be passed at mining association rules. Expand
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A General Incremental Technique for Maintaining Discovered Association Rules
A more general incremental updating technique is developed for maintaining the association rules discovered in a database in the cases including insertion, deletion, and modijication of transactions in the database. Expand
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Mining, indexing, and querying historical spatiotemporal data
In many applications that track and analyze spatiotemporal data, movements obey periodic patterns; the objects follow the same routes (approximately) over regular time intervals. Expand
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HARP: a practical projected clustering algorithm
We propose a new algorithm that exploits the clustering status to adjust the internal thresholds dynamically without the assistance of user parameters. Expand
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Mining uncertain data with probabilistic guarantees
We study the discovery of frequent patterns and association rules from probabilistic data under the Possible World Semantics. Expand
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Mining frequent spatio-temporal sequential patterns
We propose a model for spatio-temporal sequential patterns mining, based on appropriate definitions for pattern elements and pattern instances. Expand
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SOAP3-dp: Fast, Accurate and Sensitive GPU-Based Short Read Aligner
To tackle the exponentially increasing throughput of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS), most of the existing short-read aligners can be configured to favor speed in trade of accuracy and sensitivity.Expand
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