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A new digital bathymetric model of the world's oceans
General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans (GEBCO) has released the GEBCO_2014 grid, a new digital bathymetric model of the world ocean floor merged with land topography from publicly available digitalExpand
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Improved processing of Hydrosweep DS multibeam data on the R/V Maurice Ewing
We have developed a new software package, called MB-System, for processing and display of Hydrosweep DS multibeam data on the R/V Maurice Ewing. The new software includes tools for modeling waterExpand
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Improved Management of Large Swath Mapping Datasets in MB-System Version 5
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New software for processing sidescan data from sidescan-capable multibeam sonars
  • D. Caress, D. Chayes
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  • 'Challenges of Our Changing Global Environment…
  • 9 October 1995
The authors have developed new software tools for the processing and display of sidescan data obtained with the latest generation of multibeam sonars; these programs are distributed as part of theExpand
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Shallow Seismic Experiments Using Shear Waves
During the summer of 1986, a series of seismo‐acoustic experiments was carried out in shallow water off the New Jersey shore. The purpose of these experiments was to measure the geoacousticExpand
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New Integrated Data Management System for Ridge2000 and MARGINS Research
The initiation of dedicated databases for the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF)-supported Ridge2000 and MARGINS programs provides the opportunity to develop a data management system capable ofExpand
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A lightweight vertical rosette for deployment in ice-covered waters
Abstract A lightweight modular rosette system has been developed that can be launched and recovered from aircraft in ice-covered waters through a 12 in. diameter hole in the ice. The small diameterExpand
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The Global Multi-Resolution Topography (GMRT) Synthesis
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