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Mechanical properties of Ca3Co4O9 bulk oxides intended to be used in thermoelectric generators
Abstract The lamellar thermoelectric (TE) oxides Ca 3 Co 4 O 9 (Ca349) are promising candidates for energy conversion in a temperature range of 300–1200 K in air. To be well-suited for beingExpand
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Capturing Ultrasmall EMT Zeolite from Template-Free Systems
Controlling Zeolite Nucleation Small zeolite crystals are of increasing interest as catalysts and for membrane separations because they allow the high selectivity of their cages to be exploited whileExpand
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Quantitative Texture Analysis of Spark Plasma Textured n-Bi2Te3
For the first time, the quantitative texture analysis of edge free sintered Bi2Te2.4Se0.6 samples elaborated by high-energy ball milling and Spark Plasma Texturing is performed. As expected, due toExpand
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MPOD: A Material Property Open Database linked to structural information
The Material Properties Open Database (MPOD) aims at collecting and making publicly available tensorial properties (including scalar properties) of phases and linking such properties to structural information of the COD when available. Expand
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Melt textured YBCO bulks with artificially patterned holes
In this paper, we report the preparation of artificially patterned millimetre-sized holes in YBa2Cu3Ox (Y123) bulk superconductors. Drilled sintered Y123 pellets have been successfully melt texturedExpand
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Infiltration and Top Seed Growth‐Textured YBCO Bulks With Multiple Holes
The recently reported hole-patterned YBa2Cu3Oy (Y123) bulks with improved superconducting properties are highly interesting from material quality and application variety points of view. It is wellExpand
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Investigation of the exceptional charge performance of the 0.93Li4−xMn2O5–0.07Li2O composite cathode for Li-ion batteries
Herein, we report a detailed study on the high-energy density nanostructured Li4−xMn2O5–Li2O composite with a high discharge capacity of 355 mA h g−1, constituting the highest value reported to dateExpand
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Ca 3 Co 4 O 9 ceramics consolidated by SPS process : Optimisation of mechanical and thermoelectric properties
Ca3Co4O9 (349) thermoelectric (TE) oxide ceramics were successfully prepared by Spark Plasma Sintering process. The effects of the uniaxial pressure (30–100 MPa), the dwell temperature (700–900 8C)Expand
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Quantitative Texture Analysis of Spark Plasma Textured nBi 2 Te 3
Quentin Lognon e, Franck Gascoin, Oleg I. Lebedev, Luca Lutterotti, St ephanie Gascoin, and Daniel Chateigner Laboratoire CRISMAT UMR 6508 CNRS ENSICAEN, 6 boulevard du Mar echal Juin, Caen Cedex 04Expand
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Volume Texture and Anisotropic Thermoelectric Properties in Ca3Co4O9 Bulk Materials
Ca3Co4O9lamellar thermoelectric (TE) oxides are potentially suitablefor energy conversion applications at high temperature in air. To be used in TE devices, bulk Ca3Co4O9 materialsmust possess largeExpand
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