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Functional Radiographic Diagnosis of the Lumbar Spine: Flexion—Extension and Lateral Bending
The large variation of rotational values between individuals in the normal population may limit the clinical usefulness of functional lumbar analysis using this parameter, and it is proposed that passive motion be applied during functional examination of patients with suspected instabilities. Expand
Single-subject-based whole-brain MEG slow-wave imaging approach for detecting abnormality in patients with mild traumatic brain injury
A voxel-based whole-brain MEG slow-wave imaging approach for detecting abnormality in patients with mTBI on a single-subject basis and shows that prefrontal, posterior parietal, inferior temporal, hippocampus, and cerebella areas were particularly vulnerable to head trauma. Expand
Clinical Validation of Functional Flexion‐Extension Roentgenograms of the Lumbar Spine
It is believed that the analysis of the segmental motion of the lumbar spine using passive flexion-extension roentgenograms does not aid in differentiating the underlying pathologic condition of patients with low-back pain, and that no useful information can be derived form this procedure, especially in relation to the need for surgical intervention. Expand
Lumbar Spine Paraspinal Muscle and Intervertebral Disc Height Changes in Astronauts After Long-Duration Spaceflight on the International Space Station
The data reveal lumbar spine PSM atrophy after long-duration spaceflight, and this project aims to promote spine health and prevent spinal injury during space missions and here on Earth. Expand
Geometric Changes in the Cervical Spinal Canal During Impact
Two potential spinal cord injury-causing mechanisms in axial bursting injuries of the cervical splne are occlusion and shortening of the canal. Expand
From the international space station to the clinic: how prolonged unloading may disrupt lumbar spine stability.
It is observed that multifidus atrophy, rather than intervertebral disc swelling, is associated strongly with lumbar flattening and increased stiffness, which may elevate injury risk for astronauts upon return to gravity loading. Expand
Yoga for Military Veterans with Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
Yoga improved health outcomes among veterans despite evidence they had fewer resources, worse health, and more challenges attending yoga sessions than community samples studied previously, and the findings support wider implementation of yoga programs for veterans. Expand
An Analysis of Errors in Kinematic Parameters Associated with in Vivo Functional Radiographs
There were only minimal differences, however, between the digitizers when the radiographic films were remarked and redigitized, and errors in the two digitizing instruments. Expand
Body posture and backpack loading: an upright magnetic resonance imaging study of the adult lumbar spine
This study is the first radiographic analysis to describe the adult lumbar spine wearing common backpack loads and allows for functional, in vivo, loaded measurements of the spine that enables the study of spinal biomechanics and therapeutic interventions. Expand
Activity, balance, learning, and exposure (ABLE): a new intervention for fear of falling
Fear of falling is an important problem among older adults, even those with relatively low rates of objective fall risk, who are often overlooked as targets for intervention.