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Effect of Orychophragmus violaceus incorporation on nitrogen uptake in succeeding maize
Winter Orychophragmus violaceus (OV)/spring maize is a novel eco-agricultural system in North China Plain, but little is known about OV’s nitrogen (N) effects on succeeding maize growth and its
[Long-Term Different Fertilizations Changed the Chemical and Spectrum Characteristics of DOM of the Irrigation-Desert Soil in North-Western China].
Spectrum and chemical characteristics of soil DOM affected by long-term different fertilizations were investigated in irrigation-desert soil in North-western China, indicating that fertilizations increased the aromatic and hydrophobic percentage, humification degree, and average molecular weight, and thus resulting in more stability of DOM.
[Effects of Green Manures on Soil Dissolved Organic Matter in Moisture Soil in North China].
It is suggested that green manures could increase the contents of soil DOM and its aromaticity, hydrophobic percentage, humification degree and average molecular weight, and could be increased and the stability of DOM could be enhanced accordingly.
Co-incorporating leguminous green manure and rice straw drives the synergistic release of carbon and nitrogen, increases hydrolase activities, and changes the composition of main microbial groups
Rice straw (RS) was incorporated into paddy soil together with leguminous green manure (e.g., Chinese milk vetch, Astragalus sinicus L., MV) in a mesocosm-scale experiment and the enzyme activity and
Spectroscopic characteristics of water-extractable organic matter from different green manures1
Water extractable organic matter extracted from Chinese milk vetch and hairy vetch has a high chemical activity in comparison with other GMs and is derived from legume GMs.