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The Tragedy of Cambodian History: Politics, War, and Revolution since 1945
Introduction 1 In Search of Independence, 1945-1950 2 Political Warfare, 1950-1955 3 Sithanouk Unopposed, 1956-1962 4 Cambodia Clouds Over, 1963-1966 5 Changing the Rules, 1967-1969 6 Sliding TowardsExpand
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Cambodia Deals with its Past: Collective Memory, Demonisation and Induced Amnesia
Abstract This paper examines how successive Cambodian governments have regarded the so‐called Khmer Rouge regime, which ruled Cambodia between 1975 and 1979. Between 1979 and 1993, CambodianExpand
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The Tragedy of Cambodian History
THE WORD "tragedy" springs to mind in writing about Cambodia, I think, because of the price its people have been made to pay for their Republic and their liberations, for their alliance and their warExpand
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Cambodia: A Shattered Society
The history of modern Cambodia has been one of invasion, occupation, political chaos, and genocidal terror. Marie Martin traces the evolution of post-World War II Cambodian politics and society,Expand
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The land and people of Cambodia
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Kampuchea : politics, economics, and society
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People of virtue : reconfiguring religion, power and morality in Cambodia today
Much attention has been given to the 'killing fields' of Cambodia, far less to how the country can recover and heal itself after such an experience. Crucial to this process has been the formation ofExpand
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Normative Poems (Chbap) and Pre-Colonial Cambodian Society
Using the chbap to analyze pre-cotonial Cambodian society is difficult because these gnomic, normative poems are only incidentally concerned with the ways in which that society was put together.Expand
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Brother Number One: A Political Biography Of Pol Pot
"Original Khmer", 1928-1949 becoming a communist, 1949-1953 multiple identities, 1953-1963 "red Khmer", 1963-1970 coming to power, 1970-1976 prairie fire, 1976-1977 coming apart, 1977-1979Expand
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