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Access path selection in a relational database management system
In a high level query and data manipulation language such as SQL, requests are stated non-procedurally, without reference to access paths. This paper describes how System R chooses access paths forExpand
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Xml path language (xpath) 2
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XQuery: a query language for XML
XQuery is the XML query language currently under development in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). XQuery specifications have been published in a series of W3C working drafts, and several referenceExpand
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SEQUEL: A structured English query language
In this paper we present the data manipulation facility for a structured English query language (SEQUEL) which can be used for accessing data in an integrated relational data base. Without resortingExpand
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System R: relational approach to database management
System R is a database management system which provides a high level relational data interface. The systems provides a high level of data independence by isolating the end user as much as possibleExpand
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Quilt: An XML Query Language for Heterogeneous Data Sources
The World Wide Web promises to transform human society by making virtually all types of information instantly available everywhere. Two prerequisites for this promise to be realized are a universalExpand
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XQuery: An XML query language
The World Wide Web Consortium has convened a working group to design a query language for Extensible Markup Language (XML) data sources. This new query language, called XQuery, is still evolving andExpand
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Xml query use cases
This document specifies usage scenarios for the W3C XML Query data model, algebra, and query language. Status of this document The material in this document was previously contained in the W3C XMLExpand
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SEQUEL 2: A Unified Approach to Data Definition, Manipulation, and Control
SEQUEL 2 is a relational data language that provides a consistent, English keyword-oriented set of facilities for query, data definition, data manipulation, and datac ontrol. SEQUEL 2 may be usedExpand
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