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Mind , Mathematics and the Ignorabimusstreit
∗For encouragement or helpful criticism in this project thanks are owed to José Luis Bermúdez, David Chalmers, Patricia Churchland, Paul Churchland, Mario de Caro, Daniel Dennett, Frank Jackson,Expand
The Knowledge Argument Against Dualism by YUJIN NAGASAWA Australian National University
Paul Churchland argues that Frank Jackson’s Knowledge Argument against physicalism is so strong that if it defeated physicalism it would, at the same time, defeat ‘substance dualism’. The purpose ofExpand
I did not expect my interpretation (Mariner’s Mirror 91(2) 2005, 216–40) to pass unchallenged! I am grateful to Geoffrey Loram for providing me with the opportunity to test particular aspects of itExpand
A Non-modal Conception of Secondary Properties '
There seems to be a distinction bet:ween primary and secondary properties; some philosophers defend the view rhat properties like colours and values are secondary, while others criticize ie TheExpand
As a complement to Wheeler’s and Wilkinson’s contribution on English antecedents to the Beaufort wind scale (MM, vol. 90 no. 2, May 2004, 187–201), a few early attempts from this side of the ChannelExpand
Heroes and Fools - Improving Australian Civil-Military Relations
Abstract : The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has gained a position of trust in the Australian community. Australian citizens do not fear the lethal capability they afford the ADF, with good reason.Expand