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Source Terms in a Third-Generation Wind Wave Model
Abstract A new third-generation ocean wind wave model is presented. This model is based on previously developed input and nonlinear interaction source terms and a new dissipation source term. It isExpand
Development and Implementation of Wind-Generated Ocean Surface Wave Modelsat NCEP
Abstract A brief historical overview of numerical wind wave forecast modeling efforts at the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) is presented, followed by an in-depth discussion ofExpand
The Parameterization of the Wave Boundary Layer
Abstract An overview of the theory and parameterization of the wave boundary layer (WBL), which is central to small-scale ocean-atmosphere dynamical interactions, is presented. Surface boundaryExpand
Numerical and laboratory investigation of breaking of steep two-dimensional waves in deep water
The paper extends a pilot study into a detailed investigation of properties of breaking waves and processes responsible for breaking. Simulations of evolution of steep to very steep waves to theExpand
Modeling extreme waves based on equations of potential flow with a free surface
A method for numerical investigation of nonlinear wave dynamics based on direct hydrodynamical modeling of 1-D potential periodic surface waves is created. The model is a part of an interactiveExpand
A neural network technique to improve computational efficiency of numerical oceanic models
A new generic approach to improve computational efficiency of certain processes in numerical environmental models is formulated. This approach is based on the application of neural network (NN)Expand
Predicting the breaking onset of surface water waves
[1] Why do ocean waves break? Understanding this important and obvious property of the ocean surface has been elusive for decades. This paper investigates causes which lead deep-water two-dimensionalExpand
Models of the wave boundary layer
A general approach to model the structure of the wave boundary layer, based on the nonlinear Reynolds equations in a curvilinear system of coordinates, is described. Both spectral and numerical gridExpand
Numerical simulation of the boundary layer above waves
A new approach to investigations of the structure of the boundary layer above waves is discussed. The approach is based on direct numerical simulation of wave motions in the boundary layer producedExpand