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Greenhouse gas abatement strategies for animal husbandry
Agriculture contributes significantly to the anthropogenic emissions of non-CO2 greenhouse gases methane and nitrous oxide. In this paper, a review is presented of the agriculture related sources ofExpand
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Algorithms determining ammonia emission from buildings housing cattle and pigs and from manure stores
Livestock excreta and manure stored in housing, in manure stores, in beef feedlots, or cattle hardstandings are the most important sources of ammonia (NH3) in the atmosphere. There is a need toExpand
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Purification of Oxyfuel-Derived CO2
Oxyfuel combustion in a pulverised fuel coal-fired power station produces a raw CO2 product containing contaminants such as water vapour plus oxygen, nitrogen and argon derived from the excess oxygenExpand
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The effect on N2O emissions of storage conditions and rapid incorporation of pig and cattle farmyard manure into tillage land
The use of additional straw in animal housing and the rapid incorporation of manure into tillage land have been recognised as potential techniques to reduce ammonia (NH 3 ) emissions. However, thereExpand
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Improving manure nutrient management towards sustainable agricultural intensification in China
Traditionally farmers in China have relied on organic manures to build the organic matter content in soil and to fertilise crops for both human and livestock consumption. However, with requirementsExpand
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Quality control in spreadsheets: a software engineering-based approach to spreadsheet development
This paper presents work conducted towards the development of an effective software engineering-based methodology for integrity control in the process of spreadsheet development. Expand
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Hepatitis E virus infections in HIV-infected patients in Ghana and Cameroon.
BACKGROUND Chronic hepatitis E virus (HEV) infections have recently been described in HIV-infected patients. Only few data are available for sub-Saharan Africa, where HIV and HEV are highlyExpand
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Monotherapy comparative trials: equivalence and differences in clinical trials
Investigators are familiar with the concept of clinical trial design to detect differences. Equivalence studies set out to define how similar treatments might be. They become important for twoExpand
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Catalytic denitrification of water with palladium-based catalysts supported on activated carbons
Abstract The performance of carbon-supported, Pd bimetallic catalysts for nitrate reduction has been investigated. Pd–In and Pd–Sn catalysts have been tested for a range of nitrate concentration upExpand
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Effect of cattle slurry separation on greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions during storage.
Storage of cattle slurry leads to emissions of methane (CH(4)), nitrous oxide (N(2)O), ammonia (NH(3)), and carbon dioxide (CO(2)). On dairy farms, winter is the most critical period in terms ofExpand
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