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Medicinal plants from the Yanesha (Peru): evaluation of the leishmanicidal and antimalarial activity of selected extracts.
AIM OF THE STUDY Ninety-four ethanolic extracts of plants used medicinally by the Yanesha, an Amazonian Peruvian ethnic group, for affections related to leishmaniasis and malaria were screened inExpand
Caffeic acid esters and lignans from Piper sanguineispicum.
Three new caffeic acid esters (1-3), four new lignans (4-7), and the known compounds (7'S)-parabenzlactone (8), dihydrocubebin (9), and justiflorinol (10) have been isolated from leaves of PiperExpand
In vitro and in vivo anti-Leishmania activity of polysubstituted synthetic chalcones.
The in vitro screening of 43 polysubstituted chalcones against Leishmania amazonensis axenic amastigotes, led to the evaluation of 9 of them in a macrophage-infected model with the two other mostExpand
New salicylamide and sulfonamide derivatives of quinoxaline 1,4-di-N-oxide with antileishmanial and antimalarial activities.
Continuing with our efforts to identify new active compounds against malaria and leishmaniasis, 14 new 3-amino-1,4-di-N-oxide quinoxaline-2-carbonitrile derivatives were synthesized and evaluated forExpand
Trypanocidal properties, structure-activity relationship and computational studies of quinoxaline 1,4-di-N-oxide derivatives.
Pyrazole and propenone quinoxaline derivatives were tested against intracellular forms of Leishmania peruviana and Trypanosoma cruzi. Both series were tested for toxicity against proliferative andExpand
Dihydrochalcones and benzoic acid derivatives from Piper dennisii.
Two new dihydrochalcones (1, 2), as well as eight known compounds, piperaduncin C (3), 2',6'-dihydroxy-4'-methoxydihydrochalcone (4), 4,2',6'-trihydroxy-4'-methoxydihydrochalcone (5),Expand
Cytotoxic and anti-infective sesquiterpenes present in Plagiochila disticha (Plagiochilaceae) and Ambrosia peruviana (Asteraceae).
A pharmacological screening of the ethanol extract and fractions of two Peruvian medicinal plants, Plagiochila disticha and Ambrosia peruviana, led to the isolation and characterization of threeExpand
Cytotoxic and anti-infective phenolic compounds isolated from Mikania decora and Cremastosperma microcarpum.
An anticancer-bioassay guided isolation of the ethanol extract and fractions of two plants from the Peruvian rainforest, Mikania decora and Cremastosperma microcarpum, led to the characterization ofExpand
Leishmanicidal compounds and potent PPARγ activators from Renealmia thyrsoidea (Ruiz & Pav.) Poepp. & Endl.
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Leaves and rhizomes of Renealmia thyrsoidea (Ruiz & Pav.) Poepp. & Endl. traditionally used in the Yanesha pharmacopoeia to treat skin infections such as leishmaniasisExpand
Activity-guided isolation of antileishmanial compounds from Piper hispidum
Abstract The bioassay-guided purification of the ethanolic extract from the leaves of Piper hispidum led to the isolation of one new amide, N -2-(3′,4′,5′-trimethoxyphenyl)ethyl-2-hydroxybenzamide (Expand