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Lake Vanda: A sentinel for climate change in the McMurdo Sound Region of Antarctica
Abstract Lake Vanda is a perennially ice-covered, meromictic, endorheic lake located in the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Antarctica, and an exceptional sentinel of climate change within the region. LakeExpand
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Pressure‐driven, shoreline currents in a perennially ice‐covered, pro‐glacial lake in Antarctica, identified from a LiCl tracer injected into a pro‐glacial stream
The distribution of streamwater within ice-covered lakes influences sub-ice currents, biological activity and shoreline morphology. Perennially ice-covered lakes in the McMurdo Dry Valleys,Expand
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A mineral quantification method for wall rocks at open pit mines, and application to the Martha Au–Ag mine, Waihi, New Zealand
Abstract Pit lakes that result from open pit mining are potential water resources or potential environmental problems, depending on lake water quality. Wall rock mineralogy can affect lake chemistryExpand
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Upon closure in 2007, the Martha gold mine, New Zealand, will be flooded with river water creating a 192-m-deep pit lake. The mine owners intend to rehabilitate the lake into a public recreation areaExpand
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Sensitivity analyses in pit lake prediction, Martha mine, New Zealand 2: Geochemistry, water–rock reactions, and surface adsorption
Abstract Mine managers and regulators use geochemical predictions of pit lake chemistry to assess whether open pit mines will have positive or negative environmental effects after closure.Expand
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Sensitivity analyses in pit lake prediction, Martha Mine, New Zealand 1: Relationship between turnover and input water density
Abstract Turnover events in pit lakes influence the water quality of pit lakes by homogenizing the chemistry of mixing layers and distributing dissolved oxygen, hence limnologic models that predictExpand
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Using Large Data Sets for Open-Ended Inquiry in Undergraduate Science Classrooms
National Science Foundation's Transforming Undergraduate Education in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (TUES) [1245707]; National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT)
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Modeling and management of pit lake water chemistry 1: Theory
Abstract Pit lakes are permanent hydrologic/landscape features that can result from open pit mining for metals, coal, uranium, diamonds, oil sands, and aggregates. Risks associated with pit lakesExpand
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Modeling and management of pit lake water chemistry 2: Case studies
Abstract Pit lakes, a common product of open pit mining techniques, may become long-term, post-mining environmental risks or long-term, post-mining water resources depending upon managementExpand
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Meromictic Pit Lakes: Case Studies from Spain, Germany and Canada and General Aspects of Management and Modelling
Pit lakes are artificial lakes, which form in voids of opencasts. Geochemically different inflows and steep lake basins make pit lakes more prone to meromixis than natural lakes. Mining,Expand
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