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Evaluation of an intensified continuous heat-exchanger reactor for inherently safer characteristics
Abstract The present paper deals with the establishment of a new methodology in order to evaluate the inherently safer characteristics of a continuous intensified reactor in the case of an exothermicExpand
MIKE 3 versus HARTMANN apparatus: comparison of measured minimum ignition energy (MIE).
It seems difficult to synchronise dust dispersion and spark triggering to obtain optimal concentration in the spark area, and it is not possible to conclude if characteristics of MIKE 3 electric circuit, e.g., resistance and inductance, are more relevant than HARTMANN circuit ones. Expand
Orientation and motion of water molecules in cordierite: A proton nuclear magnetic resonance study
Conventional and solid state proton nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques have been used to examine water molecules in the channels of a single crystal of cordierite, (Mg, Fe)2Al4Si5O18, as aExpand
Synergy effects in the catalytic properties of bismuth molybdates
Different phases (α, β and γ) and intimate equimolar mixtures of the α and γ phases of bismuth molybdate have been investigated for the mild oxidation of propene into acrolein. The mixtures wereExpand
Round robin vent sizing exercise on a gassy system: 40% dicumyl peroxide in butyrate solvent
A Round Robin test was set up to obtain a cross comparison of participant's methods regarding a typical pressure relief device (bursting disc) sizing problem. The problem in question was a 'gassy'Expand
Correlation between self-ignition of a dust layer on a hot surface and in baskets in an oven.
The correlation described in this paper can be considered acceptable to deduce self-ignition temperature of a dust layer, based on results of self-IGNition of the same dust in heating ovens, if the Biot number (alpha) can be estimated. Expand
Experimental investigation of the influence of inert solids on ignition sensitivity of organic powders
Abstract This work presents the results of the experimental characterization of the ignition sensitivity of solid inertant/combustible powders mixtures. Three inert solids (alumina, Kieselguhr,Expand
Effects of Inerts on Ignition Sensitivity of Dusts
This work studies the influence of added inert dust on the ignition sensitivity of the combustible/inert dust mixture. Different types of combustible dust of various sizes, such as coal, powderedExpand
Guidance on Safety/Health for Process Intensification including MS Design; Part I: Reaction Hazards
The implementation of process intensification by multiscale equipment will have a profound impact on the way chemicals are produced. The shift to higher space-time yields, higher temperatures, and aExpand
Dynamic Behaviour of a Continuous Heat Exchanger/Reactor after Flow Failure
The intensified technologies offer new prospects for the development of hazardous chemical syntheses in safer conditions: the idea is to reduce the reaction volume by increasing the thermalExpand