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  • 1 May 1965
Abstract An evaluation of upper extremity function in patients with severe hand disabilities in terms of pinch, grasp, grip, elbow flexion and extension, forearm pronation and supination wasExpand
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Quality of life in patients with atrial fibrillation: a systematic review.
The impact of atrial fibrillation (AF) on patients' quality of life (QoL) has yet to be fully elucidated in a systematic manner. This article examines QoL in "general" patients with AF as well as theExpand
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The Endothelium and Its Role in Regulating Vascular Tone
The endothelium forms an important part of the vasculature and is involved in promoting an atheroprotective environment via the complementary actions of endothelial cell-derived vasoactive factors.Expand
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The Context of Emotional Responses to Athletic Injury: A Qualitative Analysis
This study used grounded theory to describe the emotional responses of athletes following injury and their situational and temporal contexts. Sixteen seriously injured athletes were interviewed. TheExpand
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The Provision of Social Support to Injured Athletes: A Qualitative Analysis
Twelve seriously injured athletes were asked to describe the provision of eight functional types of support during their rehabilitation. NUD*IST (Nonnumerical Unstructured Data Indexing Searching andExpand
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Six-month observational study of prompted stair climbing.
BACKGROUND Despite strong evidence that prompts at the point of choice between escalators and stairs encourage stair use, the long-term effects of stair prompts have not yet been investigated.Expand
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Predictors of psychological morbidity in parents of children with intellectual disabilities.
OBJECTIVE This study examined predictors of excess psychological morbidity in parents of children with intellectual disabilities. METHODS Thirty-two parents of children with intellectualExpand
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The prevalence and persistence of depression and anxiety following myocardial infarction.
OBJECTIVES: This study was designed to assess the prevalence and persistence of symptoms of depression and anxiety during the first 12 months following acute myocardial infarction (MI). DESIGN ANDExpand
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The effects of an oral multivitamin combination with calcium, magnesium, and zinc on psychological well-being in healthy young male volunteers: a double-blind placebo-controlled trial
Abstract. Rationale: Vitamin and mineral supplements may be associated with improved psychological status. Objective: The present study tested the effects of a multivitamin and mineral supplementExpand
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The influence of poster prompts on stair use: The effects of setting, poster size and content.
OBJECTIVES: There is evidence that poster prompts increase stair use. The present study was concerned with the effects of poster size, poster message, and setting on stair use. DESIGN: Using aExpand
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