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History of Virtual Work Laws
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Monitoring of structural systems by using frequency data
The present work evaluates the possibility of using dynamic data to assess structural integrity. It addresses the problem of understanding when it is sufficient to measure and use only naturalExpand
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Identification of finite element models in structural dynamics
Abstract Structural identification is a technique for restricting uncertainties in structural modelling by making use of available experimental data. For large and complicated systems these data areExpand
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« La théorie analytique de la chaleur » : Notes on Fourier et Lamé
Abstract Since the second half of 18th century, new instruments produced many data and improvements (not only in mechanics) of the scientific knowledge and its applications. Thanks to Euler andExpand
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Over and Undershot Waterwheels in the 18th Century. Science-Technology Controversy
The present paper concerns the development of theory and experiments on water wheels in the 18th cen- tury. Expand
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History of Virtual Work Laws: A History of Mechanics Prospective
Logic status of virtual work laws.- Greek origins.- Arabic and Latin science of weights.- Italian Renaissance statics.- Torricelli's principle.- European statics during the XVI and XVII centuries.-Expand
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On Lagrange’s History of Mechanics
The birth of Lagrange’s Mechanics constitutes a milestone in the history of Mechanics. The genius of Lagrange should have been aware of this turning point inasmuch as he devoted a substantial part ofExpand
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Reciprocity principle for scattered fields from discontinuities in waveguides.
This study investigates the scattering of guided waves from a discontinuity exploiting the principle of reciprocity in elastodynamics, written in a form that applies to waveguides. The coefficientsExpand
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Modal model identification of structures under unmeasured seismic excitations
Techniques developed for structural identification of a structural model are typically based on information regarding the response and the forcing actions. However, in some situations it can beExpand
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Conceptual and Mathematical Structures of Mechanical Science in the Western Civilization around the 18th century
One may discuss the role played by mechanical science in the history of scientific ideas, particularly in physics, focusing on the significance of the relationship between physics and mathematics inExpand
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