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'Mode 3' and 'Quadruple Helix': toward a 21st century fractal innovation ecosystem
'Mode 3' allows and emphasises the co-existence and co-evolution of different knowledge and innovation paradigms: the competitiveness and superiority of a knowledge system is highly determined by its adaptive capacity to combine and integrate different knowledge. Expand
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Triple Helix, Quadruple Helix and Quintuple Helix and How Do Knowledge, Innovation and the Environment Relate To Each Other?: A Proposed Framework for a Trans-disciplinary Analysis of Sustainable
This article develops an inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary framework of analysis that relates knowledge, innovation and the environment (natural environments) to each other. For that purposeExpand
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The Quintuple Helix innovation model: global warming as a challenge and driver for innovation
The Triple Helix innovation model focuses on university-industry-government relations. The Quadruple Helix embeds the Triple Helix by adding as a fourth helix the ‘media-based and culture-basedExpand
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Land use conflict in Kajiado District, Kenya
This study explores land use conflict in S.E. Kajiado District, Kenya. The conflict reflects ongoing competition over access to scarce land and water resources between herding, farming and wildlife,Expand
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Natural gas plays in the Marcellus Shale: challenges and potential opportunities.
Tapping the lucrative Marcellus Shale natural gas deposits may have a host of environmental concerns.
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Multiple Methods in the Study of Driving Forces of Land Use and Land Cover Change: A Case Study of SE Kajiado District, Kenya
This landscape-scale study combines analysis of multitemporal satellite imagery spanning 30 years and information from field studies extending over 25 years to assess the extent and causes of landExpand
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Response to Drought Among Farmers and Herders in Southern Kajiado District, Kenya: A Comparison of 1972-1976 and 1994-1995
This article examines continuity and change in farming and herder communities' strategies for coping with food deficits in S.E. Kajiado District, Kenya, through a comparison of coping strategiesExpand
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Depression of tree recruitment by the Pacific rat (Rattus exulans Peale) on New Zealand's northern offshore islands
Recruitment of tree populations on islands with and without Rattus exulans Peale, and recruitment changes on islands before and after rat eradication are compared using size-class analyses. SeedlingExpand
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Chemical and carbon isotopic evidence for the source and fate of dissolved organic matter in the northern Everglades
Surface waters in the Florida Everglades contain high levels ofdissolved organic carbon (DOC) compounds. δ13C values of DOCsamples collected from the northern Everglades indicate that less thanExpand
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