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Depression of tree recruitment by the Pacific rat (Rattus exulans Peale) on New Zealand's northern offshore islands
Recruitment of tree populations on islands with and without Rattus exulans Peale, and recruitment changes on islands before and after rat eradication are compared using size-class analyses. SeedlingExpand
Soil compactibility in relation to physical and organic properties at 156 sites in UK
Abstract The variation of soil compactibility and its relationship to plasticity, texture, organic matter and particle density is considered for 156 sites and for one intensively sampled site. TheseExpand
Compaction by agricultural vehicles: A review III. Incidence and control of compaction in crop production
Abstract Modern systems of crop production are tending to increase both the number of passes and the loads carried on the wheels of agricultural vehicles. Therefore, compaction problems may arise,Expand
The vascular flora of the DSIR study area lower Orongorongo Valley, Wellington, New Zealand
Abstract All vascular plants recorded in the lower Orongorongo Valley DSIR study area (1100 ha) are listed with notes on their status and distribution. Of the 501 taxa, 355 are native, 128 areExpand
Effects of kiore (Rattus exulans Peale) on recruitment of indigenous coastal trees on northern offshore islands of New Zealand
Kore‐proof exclosurcs enabled some comparisons to be made of seed germination and survival in the presence and absence of kiore, and there is evidence that kiore have substantially reduced recruitment of Pittosporum crassifohum, Poutena costata Streblus banksu, and Nestegis apetala by eating the seed. Expand
Observations on foods of kiore (Rattus exulans) found in husking stations on northern offshore islands of New Zealand
On four northern offshore islands of New Zealand remains of plant foods left in husking stations and in the open included seeds, leaf laminae, shoots, bark, flowers and root bases, and all stages of both small social and large solitary insects were eaten. Expand
Changes in the Structure and Composition of a New Zealand Lowland Forest Inhabited by Brushtail Possums
During the vegetation study, movements, diet, density, and breeding success of the introduced Australian brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) were studied in the same area of forest and the number of stems and their total basal area increased, but several species that are eaten by possums have suffered substantial losses. Expand
Effect of Waterlogged Soil Conditions on the Production of Ethylene and on Water Relationships in Tomato Plants
The roots of tomato plants were exposed to low concentrations of oxygen by waterlogging the soil or by growing the plants in nutrient solution flushed with nitrogen gas and the rate of ethylene production by the petioles, main stem, and shoot apex was increased by 4-6-fold and thepetioles developed epinastic curvatures. Expand
Reduction of traffic-induced soil compaction: a synthesis
Abstract This paper provides a synthesis of the field traffic and tillage experiments carried out in Germany, Scotland, the Netherlands and England reported in this special issue. The experimentsExpand