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Fluorescent probes in model membranes I: anthroyl fatty acid derivatives in monolayers and liposomes of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine.
Locating the anthroyl entity in the center of the bilayer would appear to provide a minimum perturbation in both the fluorescence depolarization and differential scanning calorimetry data. Expand
Low pressure hysteresis in the adsorption of organic vapours by porous carbons
This paper summarizes the results of experiments carried out over the past 15 years in which low-pressure hysteresis in the adsorption of organic vapours by porous carbons has been observed. TheseExpand
A comparative porosity study of active carbons
Abstract Comparative porosity studies based on nitrogen sorption isotherms have been carried out on several experimental coal-derived active carbons. Micropore evaluation utilized either the “MP”Expand
Dipole interactions in monomolecular layers
Abstract Dipole interaction energies have been calculated for two-dimensional arrays of point dipoles in a medium of unit dielectric constant for point dipole moments of 1.5 Debye spaced 4.81 AExpand
Electrostatically induced growth of spiral lipid domains in the presence of cholesterol
The formation of crystalline domains of the phospholipid l-α-dimyristoyl-phosphatidic acid containing 1 mol% cholesterol, was studied as a function of head group charge by fluorescence microscopyExpand