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A simple, economical method for measuring bacterial protein synthesis rates in seawater using 3H-leucine
A simplified method is presented for using 3H-leucine (3H-leu) incorporation to measure bacterial protein synthesis rates in seawater. This method uses small volumes (< 2.0 ml) of seawater andExpand
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Creditor Control Rights and Firm Investment Policy
We present novel empirical evidence that conflicts of interest between creditors and their borrowers have a significant impact on firm investment policy. We examine a large sample of private creditExpand
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Abundance and production of bacteria and viruses in the Bering and Chukchi Seas
The distribution, abundance, and production of viruses and bactena were investigated during an August to September 1992 cruise aboard the RV 'Alpha Helix' in the Bering and Chukchi Seas. Viruses wereExpand
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Bacterial mediation of carbon fluxes during a diatom bloom in a mesocosm
Bacteria-diatom interactions were studied during a diatom bloom produced in a mesocosm, in the absence of metazoan grazers, in order to examine the significance of bacterial hydrolytic ectoenzymes inExpand
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Variability in ectohydrolytic enzyme activities of pelagic marine bacteria and its significance for substrate processing in the sea
Microbial utlllzatlon of polymenc and particulate organic matter in aquatlc environments depends on the activltles of hydrolytic ectoenzymes present in the periplasm or bound to bactenal sur facesExpand
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The crystal-chemistry of high-aluminium titanites
A crystal-chemical study of high-aluminium titanites , where X Al =Al/(Al+Ti+Fe 3+ )≥0.25, has been made using single-crystal X-ray diffractometry on four samples from three different rock-types andExpand
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The Cenozoic palaeoenvironment of the Arctic Ocean
The history of the Arctic Ocean during the Cenozoic era (0–65 million years ago) is largely unknown from direct evidence. Here we present a Cenozoic palaeoceanographic record constructed from >400 mExpand
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The seasonal development of the bacterioplankton bloom in the Ross Sea, Antarctica, 1994-1997
We report on investigations of bacterioplankton growth dynamics and carbon utilization in the full water column of the Ross Sea, Antarctica carried out on six cruises in 1994–1997, usingExpand
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New insights into deformation and fluid flow processes in the Nankai Trough accretionary prism: Results of Ocean Drilling Program Leg 190
Moore, G. F., Taira, A., Klaus, A., Becker, L., Boeckel, B., Cragg, B. A., Dean, A., Fergusson, C. L., Henry, P., Hirano, S., Hisamitsu, T. et al. (2001). New insights into deformation and fluid flowExpand
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