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Occurrence and identification of grapevine phytoplasmas in main viticultural regions of Turkey
Intensive surveys were conducted in the main viticultural areas of Turkey in 2009-2010. Two hundred eighty nine symptomatic and 20 non-symptomatic plant samples were collected and subjected toExpand
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Identifying Environmental Sources of Agrobacterium vitis in Vineyards and Wild Grapevines
Agrobacterium vitis, the primary cause of grape crown gall disease, is known to survive internally in grapevines and to spread in propagation material. In this study, we showed that the bacterium canExpand
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The Impacts of Tumorigenic and Nontumorigenic Agrobacterium vitis Strains on Graft Strength and Growth of Grapevines.
The effects of tumorigenic and nontumorigenic strains of Agrobacterium vitis on graft strength and growth of grapevines was studied. A procedure was developed for inoculating graft interface surfacesExpand
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Phenotypic and molecular characterization of Rhizobium vitis strains from vineyards in Turkey.
Crown gall-affected grapevine samples were collected during 2009–2010 from major vineyards, located in different Turkish provinces. One hundred and three bacterial strains were obtained from 88Expand
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Molecular characterization and sequence detection of Apple mosaic virus hazelnut isolates
One of the most important factors, limiting the production of hazelnut in Turkey is Apple mosaic ilarvirus (ApMV). Due to the easy distribution of the pathogen by vegetation and pollen, there is noExpand
Determination of bacterial leaf spot of lettuce caused by Pseudomonas viridiflava (Burkholder 1930) Dowson 1939 and the reactions of some lettuce cultivars
Pseudomonas viridiflava (Burkholder 1930) Dowson 1939 is a multihost plant pathogenic bacterium all over the world and also in Turkey. The aim of this study was to identify the pathogenic bacteriaExpand
Effect of Necrosis Caused by Rhizobium vitis on Graft Take on Widely Grown Grape Cultivars and Rootstocks and Their Reaction to Necrosis
Rhizobium vitis  ( R. vitis )’in neden oldugu nekrozun ulkemizde yaygin olarak yetistirilen bazi uzum cesitlerinin ve Amerikan asma anaclarinin asi tutumu uzerindeki etkisi ve bu cesit/anacExpand
In this study it was aimed to investigate the preventive effect of commercial Bacillus subtilis strain QST 713, endophytic bacteria isolated from healthy lettuce leaves, and the effect of applicationExpand
Molecular diversity of ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma’ species in pome and stone fruits in Turkey
Ankara ve Isparta illerinden fitoplazma enfeksiyonu benzeri belirti gosteren elma, armut ve kayisi agaclarindan fitoplazma varliginin saptanmasina yonelik ornekleme yapilmistir. Toplamda 31 ornekExpand
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