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Metabolism of the arylamide herbicide propanil. I. Microsomal metabolism and in vitro methemoglobinemia.
Methemoglobinemia produced by exposure to the herbicide propanil (3,4-dichloropropionanilide) is thought to be mediated by toxic metabolites formed during the hepatic clearance of the parentExpand
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Optimisation and validation of a sensitive high-performance liquid chromatography assay for routine measurement of pyridoxal 5-phosphate in human plasma and red cells using pre-column semicarbazide
There are few studies in which direct measurement of vitamin B6 status in both plasma and red cells has been assessed. The aims of the present study were to evaluate the use of a simple, robust HPLCExpand
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GC/MS analysis of [2H5]phenylalanine at very low enrichment: measurement of protein synthesis in health and disease
A gas chromatographic/mass spectrometric (GC/MS) method has been developed for the precise and accurate analysis of high enrichment (1-10 mol.% excess) and very low enrichment (0.005-0.12 moL%Expand
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Metabolism of the arylamide herbicide propanil. II. Effects of propanil and its derivatives on hepatic microsomal drug-metabolizing enzymes in the rat.
Propanil (3,4-dichloropropionanilide) is an arylamide herbicide that has been reported to be contaminated with the cytochrome P450 enzyme inducers 3,3',4,4'-tetrachloroazobenzene (TCAB) andExpand
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Propanil-induced methemoglobinemia and hemoglobin binding in the rat.
Administration of [ring-U-14C]propanil (3,4-dichloropropionanilide) to male Sprague-Dawley rats (30, 100, and 300 mg/kg, ip) increased the formation of methemoglobin at the two highest doses.Expand
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Role of metabolites in propanil-induced hemolytic anemia.
Hemolytic anemia and methemoglobinemia induced by exposure to certain arylamines, such as aniline and dapsone, are known to be mediated by their N-hydroxylamine metabolites. The arylamide propanilExpand
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Stereoselective fungal metabolism of 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene: identification and enantiomeric resolution of a K-region dihydrodiol.
Syncephalastrum racemosum UT-70 and Cunninghamella elegans ATCC 36112 metabolized 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene (7,12-DMBA) to hydroxymethyl metabolites as well asExpand
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Fungal metabolism of tert-butylphenyl diphenyl phosphate.
The fungal metabolism of tert-butylphenyl diphenyl phosphate (BPDP) was studied. Cunninghamella elegans was incubated with BPDP for 7 days, and the metabolites formed were separated by thin-layer,Expand
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15N Sample preparation for protein turnover measurements in large populations
Abstract The major limitations to the adoption of whole body protein turnover measurements to assess protein metabolism in large groups have been the time-consuming nature of sample preparation andExpand
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Arylamine-induced hemolytic anemia: electron spin resonance spectrometry studies.
A variety of arylamine derivatives (e.g. dapsone, primaquine) are known to produce hemolytic anemia in man and experimental animals. Extensive studies in the 1950’s and 60’s established thatExpand
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