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Interpersonal attraction and attitude similarity.
  • D. Byrne
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    Journal of abnormal and social psychology
  • 1 May 1961
Erotophobia‐erotophilia as a dimension of personality
This review discusses the measurement, antecedents, and consequents of erotophobia‐erotophilia—the disposition to respond to sexual cues along a negative‐positive dimension of affect and evaluation.
An Overview (and Underview) of Research and Theory within the Attraction Paradigm
The initiation and subsequent development of what I once immodestly labeled `the attraction paradigm' are described. Though an after-the-fact reconstruction of a given program of research and theory
Hyperfemininity: Measurement and initial validation of the construct
Asocial control model of rape proposes that there are societal mechanisms including rape in place to maintain the power imbalance between males and females. One of the forces that perpetuates the
A Theory of Personality Change
A theory requires terms, defined words with which to specify observations, and a formulation of a chain of theoretical hypotheses. The theory presented here is developed within this basic structure,
Teaching Writing Skills
Social Psychology: Understanding Human Interaction
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