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Effects of sexual dimorphism on facial attractiveness
The results of asking subjects to choose the most attractive faces from continua that enhanced or diminished differences between the average shape of female and male faces indicate a selection pressure that limits sexual dimorphism and encourages neoteny in humans. Expand
Menstrual cycle alters face preference
It is shown that female preference for secondary sexual traits in male face shapes varies with the probability of conception across the menstrual cycle, similar to that of men with low fluctuating asymmetry. Expand
Beauty in a smile: the role of medial orbitofrontal cortex in facial attractiveness
Brain regions that respond to attractive faces which manifested either a neutral or mildly happy face expression were investigated, suggesting that the reward value of an attractive face as indexed by medial OFC activity is modulated by a perceiver directed smile. Expand
Perception of age in adult Caucasian male faces: computer graphic manipulation of shape and colour information
  • D. Burt, D. Perrett
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London…
  • 22 February 1995
Investigating visual cues to age by using facial composites which blend shape and colour information from multiple faces provided an empirical definition of facial changes with age that are biologically consistent across a sample population. Expand
Manipulations of fundamental and formant frequencies influence the attractiveness of human male voices
In human voices, low fundamental frequency is thought to be a cue to masculinity and reproductive capability and large vocal tracts are associated with large body size of the speaker. FemaleExpand
Symmetry, sexual dimorphism in facial proportions and male facial attractiveness
Here, real and computer graphic male faces are used in order to demonstrate that symmetric faces are more attractive, but not reliably more masculine than less symmetry faces and that asymmetric faces possess characteristics that are attractive independent of symmetry, but that these characteristics remain at present undefined. Expand
Symmetry and human facial attractiveness.
Abstract Symmetry may act as a marker of phenotypic and genetic quality and is preferred during mate selection in a variety of species. Measures of human body symmetry correlate with attractiveness,Expand
Partnership status and the temporal context of relationships influence human female preferences for sexual dimorphism in male face shape
It is found that preferences for masculinity are increased when women either have a partner or are considering a short–term relationship, and that individuals using oral contraception do not show the above effects, indicating that such hormonal intervention potentially disrupts women's choices for evolutionarily relevant benefits from males. Expand
Is everybody always my friend? Perception of approachability in Williams syndrome
It is found that individuals with Williams syndrome do not always see faces as being highly approachable, and have difficulty inhibiting their strong compulsion towards social interaction. Expand
Perceptual asymmetries in judgements of facial attractiveness, age, gender, speech and expression
Using free fixation, it appears possible to demonstrate in normal subjects that brain processes underlying judgements of facial speech display different lateralization from the judgement of other facial dimensions. Expand