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Atypical Subtrochanteric and Diaphyseal Femoral Fractures: Second Report of a Task Force of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research
This newer evidence suggests that AFFs are stress or insufficiency fractures, and studies with radiographic review consistently report significant associations between A FFs and BP use, although the strength and magnitude of effect vary.
Basic biomechanical measurements of bone: a tutorial.
Although bone densitometry is often used as a surrogate to evaluate bone fragility, direct biomechanical testing of bone undoubtedly provides more information about mechanical integrity. Like any
Atypical subtrochanteric and diaphyseal femoral fractures: Report of a task force of the american society for bone and mineral Research
  • E. Shane, D. Burr, +24 authors M. Whyte
  • Medicine, Biology
    Journal of bone and mineral research : the…
  • 1 November 2010
Given the relative rarity of atypical femoral fractures, the task force recommends that specific diagnostic and procedural codes be created and that an international registry be established to facilitate studies of the clinical and genetic risk factors and optimal surgical and medical management of these fractures.
Bisphosphonate‐Associated Osteonecrosis of the Jaw: Report of a Task Force of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research
This report summarizes the findings and recommendations of the task force to address key questions related to case definition, epidemiology, risk factors, diagnostic imaging, clinical management, and future areas for research related to the disorder.
Skeletal Tissue Mechanics
- Forces in Joints, - Skeletal Biology, - Analysis of Bone Remodeling, - Mechanical Properties of Bone, - Fatigue and Fracture Resistance of Bone, - Mechanical Adaptation of the Skeleton, - Synovial
In vivo measurement of human tibial strains during vigorous activity.
Results show that strain is maintained below 2000 microstrain even under conditions of strenuous activity, higher than previously recorded in human studies, but well within the range reported for running animals.
Bone remodelling in osteoarthritis
The apparent paradoxical observations that OA is associated with both increased remodelling and osteopenia, as well as decreased remodlling and sclerosis, are consistent with the spatial and temporal separation of these processes during joint degeneration.
Intermittently Administered Human Parathyroid Hormone(1–34) Treatment Increases Intracortical Bone Turnover and Porosity Without Reducing Bone Strength in the Humerus of Ovariectomized Cynomolgus
It is concluded that intermittently administered PTH(1–34) increases intracortical porosity in a dose‐dependent manner but does not reduce the strength or stiffness of cortical bone.