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The Patent Crisis and How the Courts Can Solve It
Patent law is crucial to encourage technological innovation. But as the patent system currently stands, diverse industries from pharmaceuticals to software to semiconductors are all governed by theExpand
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Fair Use Infrastructure for Rights Management Systems
Author(s): Burk, DL; Cohen, JE | Abstract: Japanese translation of article published in the Harvard Journal of Law and Technology
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Owning E-Sports: Proprietary Rights in Professional Computer Gaming
Among the most significant commercial activities to emerge on the Internet, both in terms of revenue generated and numerical participation, has been multi-player gaming. Such Internet gamingExpand
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Fair Use Infrastructure for Copyright Management Systems
In this paper, we propose to address the displacement of a particular legal rule, the copyright fair use doctrine, by coded copyright management systems (CMS) rule sets. The fair use doctrine servesExpand
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Testing the lognormality of the galaxy and weak lensing convergence distributions from Dark Energy Survey maps
It is well known that the probability distribution function (PDF) of galaxy density contrast is approximately lognormal; whether the PDF of mass fluctuations derived from weak lensing convergenceExpand
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Do Patents Have Gender?
Patent law offers a set of exclusive rights to innovators, awarding such rights for inventions that meet certain statutory criteria. The statutory requirements for invention incorporate purportedlyExpand
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Is Patent Law Technology Specific?
The paper explains how the application of the same general legal standards can lead to such different results in diverse industries.Patent law has a general set of legal rules to govern the validity and infringement of patents in a wide variety of technologies. Expand
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The Role of Patent Law in Knowledge Codification
Recent studies of knowledge production have increasingly recognized the role of codified knowledge in the operation of social organizations. Much of the knowledge resident in organizations exists asExpand
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Authorization and Governance in Virtual Worlds
  • D. Burk
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  • 3 May 2010
We show that the proprietors of virtual worlds increasingly have relied upon formal legal claims to sanction undesired user behavior, even if the undesired behavior has little bearing on the variety legal claim asserted. Expand
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The Goldilocks Hypothesis: Balancing Intellectual Property Rights at the Boundary of the Firm
Recent scholarship has begun to assess the role of intellectual property rights in the theory of the Coasean firm. Some of this scholarship has looked at the effects of intellectual property onExpand
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