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The structure of PhD conclusion chapters
Abstract This paper considers the generic structure of Conclusion chapters in PhD theses or dissertations. From a corpus of 45 PhD theses covering a range of disciplines, chapters playing aExpand
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Generic moves in Ph.D. thesis Introductions
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The use of higher level metatext in Ph.D theses
Abstract This article investigates the way in which 13 Hong Kong research students use metatext to orient and guide their readers through their Ph.D theses. It uses a corpus of over 3000 pages andExpand
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The discourse and attitudes of English language teachers in Hong Kong
This paper suggests that Hong Kong English, insofar as it varies from Standard English, has not achieved wide acceptance in the community. The paper approaches this by investigating the attitudes ofExpand
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V-shaped cushion at the origin of bovine pulmonary supernumerary arteries: structure and putative function.
This study investigates the anatomic structure at the origin of pulmonary supernumerary arteries and their parent conventional artery. Histological examination showed that at the origin of eachExpand
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Evaluation of equine laminar vein function: harvesting, dissection and the use of functional methods to distinguish between veins and arteries.
INTRODUCTION Pharmacological evaluation of the unique equine laminar microvasculature is crucial to understanding its role in health and in diseases such as laminitis. However, separating theExpand
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Gastrointestinal complications associated with ibuprofen therapy for patent ductus arteriosus
Objective:To review intestinal complications associated with ibuprofen treatment of patent ductus arteriosus (PDA).Study Design:Data from preterm infants treated with ibuprofen were retrospectivelyExpand
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Safety of medicine and the use of animals in research
Safer Medicines Trust, PO Box 62720, London SW2 9FQ, UK (KA); Cyprotex, Macclesfi eld, UK (ADB, KT); Lung & Particle Research Group, Cardiff University, Cardiff , UK (KB); Biopta, Glasgow, UK (DB);Expand
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University Tutors' Practicum Observation Notes: Format and content
This article explores one aspect of the supervision of teaching practice during initial teacher education courses, namely the lesson observation notes given by university tutors to their trainees.Expand
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Supervisory Conferences: An exploration of some difficult topics
In a survey of student teachers and supervisors at two Hong Kong universities a number of areas that are difficult to discuss in supervisory conferences were identified. Broadly speaking, theseExpand
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