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Irrigating a Socialist Utopia : Disciplinary Space and Population Control under the Khmer Rouge , 1975-1979
The article shows how the Khmer Rouge’s restructuring of the environment into a socialist utopian space could be explained as an attempt to establish and tighten control over the populace and theExpand
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OpenWNS - open Wireless Network Simulator
The open Wireless Network Simulator is a dynamic event driven system level simulation platform that allows for investigation of dynamic protocol behaviour in multi-cellular scenarios with detailed interference modeling. Expand
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System Level Performance Evaluation of LTE with MIMO and Relays in Reuse-1 IMT-Advanced Scenarios
This paper presents a modeling framework to obtain performance results for IMT-Advanced scenarios including tech- niques such as MIMO and fixed relays. Expand
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Channel quality indication for adaptive resource scheduling in Multihop OFDMA systems
A multimode-capable multistage CQI concept for IMT-advanced systems, shows measurements from simulation and provides the system view. Expand
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Media independent handover enabled advanced mobility management and its functional mapping
In this paper, we propose a suitable set of protocols schematically combining both radio handover and IP handover for heterogeneous network with the enhancement of relay nodes, that is considered as an important feature of the future radio network. Expand
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Inside Cambodian Insurgency: A Sociological Perspective on Civil Wars and Conflict
Contents: Introduction Greed and grievances at war Habitus groups and power Field history and structure Military leadership Military operators The rank-and-file soldiers Sociology, civil wars, andExpand
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The Afterglow of Hun Sen’s Cambodia? Socioeconomic Development, Political Change, and the Persistence of Inequalities
Since the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime in 1979, Cambodia has been largely ruled by the incumbent Cambodian People’s Party (CPP). As one of the Asia’s longest-ruling leaders, the Cambodian PremierExpand
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Insurgent Groups During Post-Conflict Transformation: The Case of Military Strongmen in Cambodia
Abstract The article discusses the experiences of a group of military strongmen during the post-conflict transformation of two Cambodian insurgent movements into a society of peace after aExpand
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