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Ecdysteroid titres during ovarian and embryonic development inBlaberus craniifer
SummaryInBlaberus craniifer, the maturation of the oocytes is accompanied by morphological modifications of the surrounding follicular cells and by variations in the ecdysteroid titre.Before theExpand
DNA synthesis and epidermal differentiation in the cockroach embryo and pharate first instar larva: Moulting hormone and mitomycin
Abstract The second period of the life occurring in ovo , which corresponds to the end of the embryonic development and to the pharate first instar larva stage, may be divided into 4 phases withExpand
Positional cell surface antigens in an insect appendage
SummaryMice were immunized with membrane preparations of epidermal cells taken from different parts (internal and external face of femur and apex and base of tibia) of the metathoracic legs ofExpand
[Regeneration and endocrine factors in insects].
[Action of x-rays on the regeneration of iect tarsus].
  • D. Bullière
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des seances de l…
  • 1 September 1969
[Regeneration, differentiation and moulting hormones in the cockroach embryo cultured in vitro].
1. The second moulting cycle of the cockroach embryo may be divided into 2 parts: during the first one, regeneration of appendages is possible in embryos cultured in vitro; it is not possible duringExpand
[Search for the sites of synthesis of malt hormone in Blabera craniifer Burm. embryos (Insect, Dictyoptera)].