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Guidelines for performing skin tests withdrugs in the investigation of cutaneous adverse drug reactions
Skin testing with a suspected drug has been reported to be helpful in determining the cause of cutaneous adverse drug reactions (CADR). Many isolated reports of positive drug skin tests areExpand
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Dendritic cells: biology of the skin
Allergic contact dermatitis results from a T‐cell‐mediated, delayed‐type hypersensitivity immune response induced by allergens. Skin dendritic cells (DCs) play a central role in the initiation ofExpand
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Monitoring levels of preservative sensitivity in Europe
A 10‐year multicentre analysis of the frequency of sensitivity to common preservatives collected in 16 centres in 11 countries has shown stable but persisting high levels of sensitivity toExpand
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CXCL8 secretion by dendritic cells predicts contact allergens from irritants.
Monocyte-derived dendritic cell functions have been explored for identification of contact allergens in vitro. Current methods, including measurement of changes in cell surface marker expressionExpand
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The CXCR3 activating chemokines IP-10, Mig, and IP-9 are expressed in allergic but not in irritant patch test reactions.
Differentiation between allergic and irritant contact dermatitis reactions is difficult, as both inflammatory diseases are clinically, histologically, and immunohistologically very similar. PreviousExpand
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Photopatch testing: a consensus methodology for Europe
A group of interested European Contact Dermatologists/Photobiologists met to produce a consensus statement on methodology, test materials and interpretation of photopatch testing. While it isExpand
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Hand eczema severity and quality of life: a cross‐sectional, multicentre study of hand eczema patients
Background and Objectives:  Hand eczema is a chronic disease with negative impact on quality of life (QoL). In this study, QoL in hand eczema patients is assessed and related to age, sex, severity,Expand
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CXCL12 is essential for migration of activated Langerhans cells from epidermis to dermis
The initial step in Langerhans cell (LC) migration from the epidermis to the lymph node involves migration of maturing LC into the dermis. Here, we investigated the migration of LC out of theExpand
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Monitoring the European standard series in 10 centres 1996–2000
A 5‐year retrospective study of the frequency of sensitization to the 25 allergens of the European standard series (ESS) was conducted in 10 centres in 8 European countries. Included were the resultsExpand
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Corticosteroid contact allergy: an EECDRG multicentre study
This article describes the results of an EECDRG multicentre study on contact allergy to corticosteroids. A total of 7238 patients were investigated: 6238 in 13 centres in the course of 1993, and 1000Expand
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