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Violence against pregnant women: Prevalence, patterns, risk factors, theories, and directions for future research
Violence against women is a global concern, and it is estimated that one in every five women will experience some form of violence in their lifetime (World Health Organization, 2005). Violence duringExpand
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Partner Violence Against Women With Disabilities
Using a representative sample of 7,027 Canadian women living in a marital or common-law union, this investigation examined the risk for partner violence against women with disabilities relative toExpand
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The relationship of gambling to intimate partner violence and child maltreatment in a nationally representative sample.
It has been suggested that family violence is associated with gambling problems. However, to date, this relationship has not been thoroughly investigated using representative data. The purpose of theExpand
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Maternal and Paternal Depressive Symptoms and Child Maladjustment: The Mediating Role of Parental Behavior
This study examined parental behaviors as mediators in links between depressive symptoms in mothers and fathers and child adjustment problems. Participants were 4,184 parents and 6,048 10- toExpand
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Prevalence of dating partner violence and suicidal ideation among male and female university students worldwide.
This paper presents findings from the International Dating Violence study regarding the prevalence of physical assault, sexual coercion, and suicidal ideation among university students and exploresExpand
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Understanding the Elevated Risk of Partner Violence Against Aboriginal Women: A Comparison of Two Nationally Representative Surveys of Canada
Using two large-scale representative samples of Canada collected in 1999 and 2004, this study examined Aboriginal women’s elevated risk for violent victimization relative to non-Aboriginal women.Expand
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Violence Against Women: Vulnerable Populations
Section 1. Violence against women in relationships Section 2. Violence against women in public spaces Section 3. Violence against women in institutions Section 4. Violence against women in the family.
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Male Partner Violence Against Aboriginal Women in Canada
This study fills a gap in the extant literature through an empirical investigation of male partner violence against Aboriginal women in Canada. Using a large-scale representative sample of CanadianExpand
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Physical punishment, childhood abuse and psychiatric disorders.
OBJECTIVES Physical punishment, as a means of disciplining children, may be considered a mild form of childhood adversity. Although many outcomes of physical punishment have been investigated, littleExpand
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Violence against women post-separation
This article examines research on the relatively understudied topic of violence against women post-separation. Available research has shown that women have a high risk for violence post-separationExpand
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