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Measurement-based quantum computation on cluster states
We give a detailed account of the one-way quantum computer, a scheme of quantum computation that consists entirely of one-qubit measurements on a particular class of entangled states, the clusterExpand
Computational power of correlations.
This work exposes an intriguing relationship between the violation of local realistic models and the computational power of entangled resource states in measurement-based quantum computation. Expand
Measurement-based quantum computation
Quantum computation offers a promising new kind of information processing, where the non-classical features of quantum mechanics are harnessed and exploited. A number of models of quantum computationExpand
Magic-State Distillation in All Prime Dimensions Using Quantum Reed-Muller Codes
We propose families of protocols for magic state distillation -- important components of fault tolerance schemes --- for systems of odd prime dimension. Our protocols utilize quantum Reed-MullerExpand
Simulation of quantum circuits by low-rank stabilizer decompositions
A comprehensive mathematical theory of the stabilizerRank and the related approximate stabilizer rank is developed and a suite of classical simulation algorithms with broader applicability and significantly improved performance over the previous state-of-the-art are presented. Expand
Resource-efficient linear optical quantum computation.
This work introduces a scheme for linear optics quantum computation, that makes no use of teleported gates, and requires stable interferometry over only the coherence length of the photons, and demonstrates the universality and usefulness of generic parity measurements. Expand
Generalized flow and determinism in measurement-based quantum computation
We extend the notion of quantum information flow defined by Danos and Kashefi (2006 Phys. Rev. A 74 052310) for the one-way model (Raussendorf and Briegel 2001 Phys. Rev. Lett. 86 910) and present aExpand
Bound states for magic state distillation in fault-tolerant quantum computation.
It is shown that, when resources are finitely limited, nondistillable states exist outside the stabilizer octahedron, and such states bound states for magic state distillation are called. Expand
Demonstration of a compiled version of Shor's quantum factoring algorithm using photonic qubits.
An experimental demonstration of a complied version of Shor's algorithm using four photonic qubits using a simplified linear optical network to coherently implement the quantum circuits of the modular exponential execution and semiclassical quantum Fourier transformation. Expand
How good must single photon sources and detectors be for efficient linear optical quantum computation?
It is shown that if the product of the detector efficiency with the source efficiency is greater than 2/3, then efficient linear optical quantum computation is possible and this high threshold is achieved within the cluster state paradigm for quantum computation. Expand