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Effect of adenohypophysectomy on salt and water metabolism of the toad Bufo marinus with studies on hormonal replacement.
Abstract Adenohypophysectomy caused a progressive, severe hyponatremia (plasma Na + concentration falling to 65% of the initial value after 20 days). There was a parallel decrease in the exchangeableExpand
Clearance tests of liver function.
Measurement of the clearance of substances removed from the circulation primarily by the liver, which depends on the uptake, storage, and excretory capacity of the liver, provides the most sensitive,Expand
Conversion to neoral for neurotoxicity after primary adult liver transplantation under tacrolimus.
BACKGROUND Neurological complications after orthotopic liver transplantation (OLTX) have remained a major concern in a small proportion of patients. The etiology of these complications is oftenExpand
Liver Transplantation for Massive Hepatic Lymphangiomatosis in a Child
366 L ymphangiomatosis is a rare idiopathic disease of lymphatic proliferation that may manifest in a variety of anatomic locations including solid organs, serosal space, and soft tissues (1–7).Expand