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An identification key for dermal denticles of Rajidae from the North Sea
A key and illustrations are provided for the identification of the dermal denticles of 10 ray species from the North Sea showing their potential for the interpretation of ichthyo-archaeological assemblages. Expand
The Holocene occurrence of Acipenser spp. in the southern North Sea: the archaeological record.
This study of >7000 acipenserid bones proves the sympatric occurrence of European sturgeon A. sturio and Atlantic sturgeons A. oxyrinchus in the southern North Sea at least since the Neolithic. Expand
Some Notes on Recent and Pre- and Protohistoric Fishing Gear from Northwestern Europe
(p. 49-50) In the first part of this article a number of fishing methods and types of fishing gear known from ethnographical sources are described. Three principal fishing methods can beExpand
Preliminary notes on fish remains from archaeological sites in the Netherlands
(p. 84) In the past decade a large number of fish remains have become available to the archaeozoological department of the Biological Archaeological Institute.These remains of fish were obtained inExpand
News from the North A Late Middle Palaeolithic site rich in handaxes on the Drenthe-Frisian till plateau near Assen, the Netherlands: first results of a trial excavation.
Abstract The first Middle Palaeolithic artefacts to turn up in situ in boulder sand (erosional residue of glacial till) were found in 2011. The open-air site is located on the Saalian till plateau inExpand
Interdisciplinary Archaeological Research Programme Maasvlakte 2, Rotterdam : Twenty meters deep! The mesolithic period at the Yangtze Harbour site - Rotterdam Maasvlakte, the Netherlands
In 2011 a systematic underwater field survey and an invasive investigation were executed in the Yangtze Harbour planning area, Maasvlakte, Rotterdam, commissioned by Port of Rotterdam Authority. TheExpand