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Robotic Surgery
In this article, we discuss formal methods for the verification of properties of control systems designed for autonomous robotic systems. In the last few decades, robotics played a relevant role in
Assume–guarantee verification of nonlinear hybrid systems with Ariadne
It is shown how the approximation capabilities of Ariadne can be used to verify complex hybrid systems, adopting an assume–guarantee reasoning approach.
A Platform-Based Design Methodology With Contracts and Related Tools for the Design of Cyber-Physical Systems
We introduce a platform-based design methodology that uses contracts to specify and abstract the components of a cyber-physical system (CPS), and provide formal support to the entire CPS design flow.
Propositional interval neighborhood logics: Expressiveness, decidability, and undecidable extensions
It is shown that PNL form a quite expressive and nearly maximal decidable fragment of Halpern–Shoham’s interval logic HS.
Decidable and Undecidable Fragments of Halpern and Shoham's Interval Temporal Logic: Towards a Complete Classification
The characterization of the boundary between decidability and undecidability of HS fragments is contributed to, which summarizes known positive and negative results, describes the main techniques applied so far in both directions, and establishes a number of new undecidable results for relatively small fragments of HS.
Deterministic Timed Finite State Machines: Equivalence Checking and Expressive Power
This paper studies models of timed finite state machines (TFSMs), i.e., FSMs enriched with time, which accept timed input words and generate timed output words, and solves the problem of equivalence checking for all three models, and compares their expressive power.
The dark side of interval temporal logic: marking the undecidability border
This paper identifies several new minimal undecidable logics amongst the fragments of Halpern and Shoham’s logic HS, including the logic of the overlaps relation, over the classes of all finite linear orders and all linear orders, as well as the technology of the meets and subinterval relations.
Sub-propositional Fragments of the Interval Temporal Logic of Allen's Relations
It is proved that the Horn fragment of HS is undecidable on every interesting class of linearly ordered sets, and the difficulties that arise when considering the other fragments are discussed.
DL-Lite and Interval Temporal Logics: a Marriage Proposal
This work proposes to extend DL-Lite with fragments of Halpern and Shoham's interval logic of Allen's relations (HS), and formally defines such extensions and shows how they can be successfully used in knowledge representation.
Formal verification of robotic surgery tasks by reachability analysis
This paper uses the tool Ariadne to study how the choice of the control parameters and the measurement error affect the safety of the system and specifies the problem by using hybrid automata to prove that a sequence of subtasks planned on pre-operative data can successfully accomplish the surgical operation despite model uncertainties.