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Ruling Roman Britain: Kings, Queens, Governors and Emperors from Julius Caesar to Agricola
In this book, David Braund offers a significantly different perspective upon the history of Roman Britain. He concentrates upon the literary evidence, which has been studied to a lesser extent thanExpand
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Georgia in Antiquity: A History of Colchis and Transcaucasian Iberia, 550 BC-AD 562
This is the first full history of the ancient Georgia ever to be written outside Georgia itself. It is also an introduction to the substantial archaeological work that has been carried out in GeorgiaExpand
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Dionysiac tragedy in Plutarch, Crassus
It has recently and rightly been observed that Plutarch is exceptional as a prose author in the finesse with which he employs tragedy in his Lives. And, one might add, in the extent to which he doesExpand
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Writing a roman "Argonautica": the historical dynamic
"What age will not know of Varro and the first ship and the golden fleece sought by the Aesonian chief?" The rhetorical question belongs to Ovid (Amoves 1. 21. 51-2). But he was rather too sanguine:Expand
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Reflections on Eumelus' Black Sea region
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