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Development and application of a polar coating for stir bar sorptive extraction of emerging pollutants from environmental water samples.
In the present study, a stir bar coated with hydrophilic polymer based on poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone-co-divinylbenzene) was prepared for the sorptive extraction of polar compounds. The main parametersExpand
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Hydrophilic hypercrosslinked polymeric sorbents for the solid-phase extraction of polar contaminants from water.
Three new hypercrosslinked polymers with hydrophilic character arising from hydroxyl moieties in their skeletons have been prepared in microsphere format and applied to the off-line solid-phaseExpand
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Preparation of a polar monolithic stir bar based on methacrylic acid and divinylbenzene for the sorptive extraction of polar pharmaceuticals from complex water samples.
A monolithic, hydrophilic stir bar coating based upon a copolymer of methacrylic acid and divinylbenzene [poly(MAA-co-DVB)] was synthesised and evaluated as a new polymeric phase for the stir barExpand
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Synthesis and application of hypercrosslinked polymers with weak cation-exchange character for the selective extraction of basic pharmaceuticals from complex environmental water samples.
The synthesis of high specific surface area sorbents (HXLPP-WCX) in the form of hypercrosslinked polymer microspheres with narrow particle size distributions, average particle diameters around 6Expand
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Hypercrosslinked strong anion-exchange resin for extraction of acidic pharmaceuticals from environmental water.
Two novel high-specific surface area polymeric sorbents (HXLPP-SAXa and HXLPP -SAXb) were synthesised and evaluated as strong anion-exchange sorbent for solid-phase extraction of acidic pharmaceuticals. Expand
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Comparison of different imidazolium supported ionic liquid polymeric phases with strong anion-exchange character for the extraction of acidic pharmaceuticals from complex environmental samples.
Two imidazolium supported ionic liquid phases (SILPs) containing different anions, trifluoromethanesulphonate [CF(3)SO(3)(-)], and tetrafluoroborate [BF(4)(-)], were synthesized and evaluated asExpand
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Development and application of new polymeric materials for sorptive extraction techniques
El desenvolupament de diferents materials per a les tecniques d’extraccio mitjancant processos de sorcio es una area en continua expansio; no obstant, l’extraccio d’analits polars encara es un temaExpand
Bratkowska, D. and Marcé, R.M. and Cormack, P.A.G. and Sherrington, D.C. and Borrull, F. and Fontanals, N. (2010) Synthesis and application of hypercrosslinked polymers with weak cation-exchange
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